• Our therapists provide a comfortable and confidential setting, in the heart of Halifax, where you will be able to explore the full depth of your psychological and emotional concerns. We can be trusted to address any subject with professional insight and personal warmth. We act with integrity so you know you are relating with a genuine person and sincere professional.

    Psychologists at Campbell Counselling Centre are exceptional listeners who are respectful, open-minded and ethical. Regardless of your presenting problem(s), whether you are struggling with past abuse, wanting to improve a relationship or in the midst of despair, we will be supportive and encourage wellness in all areas of your life.

  • At Campbell Counselling Centre, you can access assessment, therapy and consulting services for individuals, couples and groups. Issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, poor self-esteem and career stress are treated by compassionate and caring therapists in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    We are specialists in person centered therapy. Our patients are our primary concern. At Campbell Counselling Centre, we are expert listeners, and you will feel heard.

    Adult learners can be assessed for attention disorders; each year, over 40 college and university students request formal reports from our assessment professionals so that they can be accommodated at school and receive expert advice for treatment planning.

  • The best way to contact our office, to book a session, is by email, bryancampbell@live.ca.

    While most of our patients are self-referred and need only to email or call us to request sessions, others may need to seek our services indirectly: if your insurance company requires a referral from a physician, you may benefit from discussing your interest in using our service with your physician before contacting our office. If you receive a referral from your physician, keep a copy of the prescription, letter or note because you may need to include it when you make a reimbursement claim with your insurance company.